• Our primary goal is keeping our clients' money safe from volatile and risky investments.

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  • Developing the right portfolio of insurance products is an essential step toward a comprehensive financial program or estate planning.

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  • Check our very informative educational video page. Here you can watch and learn some valuable information about financial and insurance services.

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    STA is committed to providing our clients with the best retirement solutions for their financial and lifestyles goals. We assist clients by taking the complexity out of their retirement planning and assuring their individual retirement plans will work for them AND their loved ones.

    Our company’s experienced specialists provide clients with a full spectrum of experience. Our team includes financial planners, tax specialists, CPAs, insurance experts, asset management professionals, Social Security experts, and estate and trust attorneys. We are here to ensure our clients fully comprehend their retirement opportunities, so they have enough inflation-adjusted guaranteed retirement income…no matter how long they live, along with well-crafted estate plan strategies to ensure their wishes are properly executed.

  • IRA Blog

    What Now? A Widow's Story About Making the Right Financial Decisions

    In 2006, Alan, a strapping young man who had just turned 50, collapsed and died of a massive heart attack while attending Sunday morning Mass with his wife Karen. Alan and Karen co-owned a business. Alan was a contractor and Karen handled the ...

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    Excess IRA Contributions - Too Much of a Good Thing

    ou can have too much of a good thing. A contribution to your IRA is a great way to save for retirement, but there are limits. If you exceed those limits you will end up with an excess IRA contribution and a tax mess. This was the fate of two ...

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